Why I Probably Won’t Support the Republican Nominee

October 20, 2011   |   Tags: , , ,

Just about anybody will be better than Obama. However, I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate in either major party that has the brainpower and backbone to stand up to the real power players – the intelligence community, Military and bankers.

Gary Johnson has some great views, but his stance that opening the Mexican border would be good because we’d have more taxpayers just about disqualifies him from my vote, although I will consider him if he wins the nomination.

Cain is just saying what we want to hear and his history with the Fed is too much to ignore.

Paul has a money-bomb going on through October 21, but will it be enough to keep him competitive? He has an uphill battle and I’ll be looking toward a third party or independent candidate – a real conservative or libertarian –  if he (or maybe Johnson) doesn’t make it to the top.

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