Conservatives and Religion: Reality Check

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Here’s the thing. I’m not what you would consider a Religious person. However I do have a strong faith in God, consider that your warning.

What I see happening in some sectors of the conservative movement is very disturbing. See to me one of the best ideals of conservatism is individual rights. That means the right to worship in any way that you should choose to do so. Any one.

Or none at All.
Now this is also backed up in the Bill of Rights, an amendment itself to the Constitution to ensure it’s passage with those who questioned forming a centralized Federal government at all. Patrick Henry was one of the biggest opponents. But that is a history lesson for another day….
The point is No one has the right to tell someone what religion they should follow, nor should they tell them they shouldn’t. It’s an individual choice. One more time slowly, just in case Rick Santorum is reading this…Individual Choice.
When it comes to Religion, each basically says the others are all going to Hell for one reason or another…. Except for Jews whose benevolent belief system has a more peaceful ending and approach. Yet I don’t need to tell you how much grief the Jews have taken over the years. I was raised to believe the Jews are God’s chosen people, and I believe it to this day. Even though I’m a Christian. OOh, Scary and complex. Yet so what is in the Bible and simple.

Do I think a persons faith can reflect on who they are? Absolutely. Does it matter what faith they subscribe too? Not really. Show me One Politician that isn’t committed to his faith during Campaign season? It is our job to try and guess which one is being sincere. So I just assume everyone is lying.  How’d ya like that?

For those of you ready to jump on me about Islam. I happen to know some really amazing Muslims that hate how their religion has been “hijacked” by the terrorists and honestly the press. We are conservatives should know better than anyone, the Media controls the image. So give the Muslims a break. Not all of them want you dead. I swear. Some of them just want the new iPhone.

As for atheists…just stay out of the discussion. We get it. You don’t believe in a God. Fine. We’ll pray for you to whom ever we choose. Cool?

So now that we’ve got that out on the table….Conservatives stop acting like liberals. We’re not supposed to tell people how to live, that’s what they do.

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