Obama: I Am Now King!

October 26, 2011   |  
President Of The World
I Am Now King!

Remember back with the anointed one was talking to some group or another, I think it was the AHOLE (Angry Hispanic Operating Liberty Exchange) or La Raza or some other group who love him but didn’t get any love back from him – yet that is. At that time, he actually said to them “Look I really want to help” (now that I think about it is was about immigration) “But I can’t. You know, I Am Not King, there’s Congress … blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc..”

So back then, he pleaded the Constitution. I guess the reality was that he really didn’t care what these guys wanted, he just wanted to give them an excuse for doing nothing.

So now that everyone has caught on that everything he does is wrong, and that no more of his legislation will ever reach his desk for signature, he’s decided to play dictator and just push things through (namely even MORE payoffs for his cronies) at our expense via executive order (aka diktats from dear leader)

So now, he IS King. It’s how he and his queen acted from the beginning anyways, right?


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