We are the “No Longer Silent, Silent Majority”

October 26, 2011   |  

I wish the mainstream media and other loud mouths would admit that the “Tea Party” is the Silent Majority speaking up. Of course, either they won’t admit it because they have their own special interest agendas (which are not American) to promote or because they can’t recall having heard the majority’s voice before and don’t recognize it.

We all know there is no such thing as a Tea Party. What we have are thousands of Tea Party type groups, many which don’t incorporate the word tea in their name. Some of these have been around for decades while others got organized after Obama took office. However, these conservative groups all share the same basic American principles and are fed up with the direction America is being led. Once again, the time had come for America’s Silent Majority to speak out.

In effort to achieve their special interest goals, the liberals are doing everything they can to discredit the notion of Tea Parties in effort to discourage others from joining. And to a degree they’ve been successful. But when it comes to polling the various issues, each poll clearly shows most Americans support the conservative solutions rather than the liberal ones. So even the majority of those Americans who are afraid of being labeled as a Tea Bagger support the traditional principles of being an American. Does the far left actually think they can get away with calling the majority of Americans a bunch of stupid idiots?

Okay, I think we know why the media won’t admit that the Silent Majority is no longer silent, but what about those political candidates running as conservatives? I wish at least one of them would stand up and say, “Hey, I recognize that voice. That’s the Silent Majority talking! I’m listening.”

But politicians tend not to say things until the polls say its okay for them to say it. So once again it’s up to “we the people” to say what needs to be said. And we can start right here on Freedom Bunker by affirming that we are the “no longer silent, silent majority!”

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