The Slippery Slope To Social Control

October 27, 2011   |  

When Obama’s healthcare law was first being drafted, there was a lot of talk about death panels and state funded abortions.  And while both of those issues were – and still are – very real concerns, there are countless other parts of the healthcare law that will indirectly change the way Americans behave.

According to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Obama’s law gives generous subsidies to women who refrain from marrying and working (not sure how that’s supposed to work, but that’s a whole other subject).  They are saying that by 2014, Americans will realize that it’s better to just stay single, in order to get cheaper health insurance.

Now, I’m not one to obsess over marriage rates in America, but I’m looking at the bigger picture here.  We haven’t even scratched the surface of what kind of social control this law is creating.

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