Should Ron Paul Run as a Third-Party/Independent Candidate if He Doesn’t Win the Nomination?

October 28, 2011   |   Tags: , , , , ,

I noticed this article and, while I think it jumps to conclusions, it has crossed my mind plenty of times that Ron Paul should run as an independent or Libertarian if he doesn’t get the Republican nod. Paul is in the game for the Republican nomination, but he still has a big hill to climb.

As of now, Romney holds the lead while Cain is on his heels. Perry has dropped back, but he still has a chance. It looks like the nomination will go to either Romney, Cain, Perry or Paul –  with an outside chance of Gingrich winning.

Paul, who doesn’t fit the current mainstream Republican mold, has a lot of Libertarian views and is a very independent thinker.

Jesse Ventura has suggested that he’d run with Paul if he left the Republican Party, throwing another twist into this potential outcome.

This would be sure to shakeup the entire election. What do you think?

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