Ohio Conservatives: All Bark, No Bite

October 31, 2011   |  

I did not vote for John Kasich, but that won’t stop me from admitting that he has made a few effective moves as governer.  One of moves was supporting and signing Senate Bill 5.  Similar to what we saw in Wisconsin earlier this year, SB 5 was designed to save Ohioians money, and hold Ohio teachers accountable.  Also similar to what we saw in Wisconsin earlier this year, there was an enormous backlash from union workers statewide.  So much so, that they collected (extorted?) enough signatures to put a referendum on the November 8th ballot that could repeal the new law.

The referendum, known as Issue 2 here in the buckeye state, is worded such that a “yes” vote would keep the current law, and a “no” vote would repeal it.  However, with all the “No on 2” support, one would wonder if anyone plans on voting yes.  While the unions have done a great deal to terrify the public in to voting against the issue, Ohio conservatives have done little to even educate voters.  I know of only one campaign supporting the issue, and have personally seen a total of 3 ads from them.
I sure hope that the conservative base of Ohio is not representative of the country as a whole.  It would be very disappointing to see Obama replaced, and then watch everybody act like everything’s okay again.  Our fight for liberty wont end with a single vote for an executive office.  Libertarians, conservatives, independents, and fiscally-conservative Democrats (they do exist) need to stay on top of the issues, whether they be local or national.

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