Fast and Furious is gaining momentum

November 1, 2011   |  

I’m certainly old enough to recall Watergate. The first time I learned anything about it was when I read a tiny, boring article buried way in the back of my newspaper. It just mentioned something about a break-in at a Democratic campaign office with no details. Weeks later, I saw a small follow-up in the middle of the paper. At the time I thought it was just a case of sour grapes, trying to make something big out of nothing. Over the months the story grew and each time the related articles moved closer and closer to the front page. Then one day, it became the headlines.

I still couldn’t imagine our President being involved in something so trivial and stupid. His chances of winning a second term was the same as the sun rising. So why would he care about what the Democrats were doing? As it turned out he carried 49 states. But sometimes a person can be his own worst enemy.

Then we saw this again and again, like with the Iran-Contra thing and the Monica thing. Each began with a small story and as stuff unfolded, it got bigger. Of course, we’ve also seen hundreds of small stories that went absolutely nowhere. But what I learned from all these scandals and blunders is that what really buries somebody isn’t the fact that they made a mistake, but for the subsequent lies and cover-ups.

When Fast and Furious first hit the news, I think everyone knew that somebody in government had blundered big time. Again, I didn’t think the person responsible was one of the big boys at the top. I just assumed some of the agents out-foxed themselves while trying to out-fox some drug lords. But like Watergate, this story keeps finding its way to the headlines.

This morning I watched one of Eric Holder’s guys try to fall on his sword in an effort to protect his bosses. But he was reluctant to take all the blame. As a result, his testimony has a bunch of holes in it. I don’t think Congress is buying his act.

I don’t know where this story will end or who (all) will be found responsible or who (all) will get buried, but history tells me we haven’t seen anything yet.

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