The Problem with the GOP: Republicans?

November 1, 2011   |   Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Hey I think I know why President Obama won in 2008!  As suspected it wasn’t just the Democrats and so-called Independents that gave the victory to the Left.  According to an article released this morning on Reuters, not only did those people vote for Obama, but so did many Republican advisors.

“Known as “Obamacons,” moderate Republicans helped make the Democrat’s case in 2008 that he was a new breed of “post-partisan” politician who would work with both parties. Obama’s youth and the narrative of electing the first black president also attracted Republicans to make a rare show of support for a Democratic candidate.

“They were actually drawn to the sense of hope that he represented. They also liked the fact that he was black,” said David Gergen, who has served as an advisor to Republican and Democratic presidents.”

Really? No kidding. Well whose fault is it that the American public thought these things? Think it might lie with those supposedly forming the message and talking points on the Right?  Wouldn’t that be You?  You know, the Guys who voted for Obama.

All of the comments in the article are set up to support the Narrative that Obama can’t count on what they call “Obamacons”, I’m guessing that is  bastardized version of  “Reagan-Democrats”, even though the two have nothing in common.  What the article really highlights to the Problem with the GOP…Republicans who have  no idea what that means.

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