Is the New World Order Taking Shape?

November 7, 2011   |   Tags: ,

The Governments of Greece and Italy are falling apart. The Middle-East is being “Transformed” country by country with the “Help” of Western nations.

With economic, military and civilian unrest around the globe, are the elites carrying out their plans right now? Will we see the economic turmoil used as a pretext for a global currency or some other form of central control?

It’s hard to imagine that every country would fall in line at once, but it looks like it has become a race against time. The Internet has become the common man’s ultimate weapon against tyranny and spreads like a cancer to the plans of the global elite with each passing minute.

Global fascism is becoming more evident by the day, including here in America. I suspect that the elites will at least be partially successful in their plans, but have hope that they will be met with a stiff resistance. One world government is the worst, most corrupt idea in world history.

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