This Headline Should Have Read “Most Americans Support Less Jobs”

November 9, 2011   |  

Sifting through the Huffington Post’s twitter feed I came across this gem:

“Most Americans Support Raising Minimum Wage To Ten Dollars Per Hour, Survey Finds.”

In other words, most Americans would like to see the government force businesses to hire less, cut hours, and increase the workload of entry level jobs.  Oh, and let’s not forget about encouraging even more outsourcing as well as price increases across the board.

Put yourself in a business owner’s position.  Imagine you have 10 workers that you currently pay $7 an hour to do X amount of work.  All of the sudden the government tells you that you have to start paying them $10 an hour, regardless of how much work they do.  Any person who wants to stay in business has few options other than what I’ve already mentioned.

What makes matters worse is that it’s so hard to have an adult conversation about this.  The second you start suggesting decreasing, or abolishing, the current minimum wage, you’re attacked for “hating the poor”.  I would just like to hear one economically sound reason for increasing the minimum wage.

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