Market Manipulation For A Good Cause Is Still Market Manipulation

November 11, 2011   |  

Oh boy, I bet I get it bad for this one.

Yesterday the Senate passed a part of Obama’s job bill, with a 95-0 vote, that would give businesses a tax credit for hiring veterans.  So read that number again, 95 senators don’t support free markets.  That’s something to think about the next time you hear a GOP candidate talk about letting free markets save the economy.  What they’re really talking about is regulated markets, just like we have now, but tailored to support their own agenda.

That’s what has me so ardently against this.  This bill is nothing more than a “feel-good” bill designed to support a particular agenda.  For Obama, it allows him to talk about how part of his jobs bill already had full bipartisan support.  For the Republicans, they get to thump their chests and talk about how they support their troops.

I understand there are many issues for veterans to deal with when returning home and looking for work, but government handouts aren’t the way to solve them.  Let’s not forget that regulations, subsidies, and government manipulation are exactly what got us in to this economic mess in the first place.

At least one Republican somewhat agrees with me.

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