I’m Done With CBS…and Almost With the Republican Party

November 14, 2011   |   Tags: , , , ,

What a disgusting debate.

Americans were unfortunate enough to hear a bunch of war-mongering salesmen attempt to sucker them into another 4 years of global tyranny at the barrel of a gun.

As usual, the only real voice of reason was Ron Paul – and CBS just couldn’t have that. He was given just 89 seconds of the 1 hour broadcast to speak.

This wasn’t the only such debate. Paul has averaged the lowest talking time of all candidates in 6 major debates – just behind Rick Santorum. Ouch.

Meanwhile, establishment favorites Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have gotten significantly more time than any other candidate, with each getting an average of above 11 minutes while the rest get somewhere in the 6 or 7 minute range.

The media fix is on and the Republican Party is losing it’s last shred of respect in my eyes, as well. I pledge to boycott CBS in all forms – including their sports broadcasts.

Oh – the picture is my suggested preview for the next Republican debate with Romney, Cain and Perry being shown.

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