Why I Love the Internet! NYPD Evicts Occupy Wall Street Trespassers Live

November 14, 2011   |   Tags: , , , , ,

Tonight the New York Police Department started the clean up in Zuccotti Park. There are several live streams but many links aren’t working due to traffic…so I’m hesitant to share links. Live Stream has several channels showing it.

Michelle Malkin has done a great job of narrating the events on Twitter and on her blog

Finally. NYPD is in full riot-gear tonight and the Occupiers are up in arms on Twitter. A police officer has reportedly announced with a bullhorn that the encampment at the private park is a “fire hazard” (among many other health hazards) and that those who don’t clear out will be arrested. Hope the police brought extra Lysol and rubber gloves. If not hazmat suits.


She’s also grabbed some screen shots that kinda capture the mood.

The Occupiers are growing increasing violent and incoherent.

Get Out!

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