If Only They Would Audit Every School

November 15, 2011   |  


From the Huffington Post:

More than $266,000 in public funds are unaccounted for in an audit of a now-defunct Cleveland, Ohio charter school. The findings for recovery have been handed over to the county prosecutor.”

$266,000?  That’s it?  That’s chump change compared to the amount of waste going on in our public schools.  It amazes me that the government has time to waste – and money to spend – auditing a closed down charter school, rather than taking a good look into our public schools.  Every year, local governments all over the country go through the same tired arguments.  “We need to raise taxes to keep the school’s open for our children.”  And for some reason, every year, local communities fall for it.

What we need isn’t more money for school boards and teachers’ unions to waste.  What we need is a massive audit of the public school system.  Before we start talking about cutting programs or raising taxes, why not let the people see how their money is being spent first?  If $266,000 pisses you, just image the kind of waste going on in your local public school.

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