Ron Paul Within 1 Point of Lead in Iowa

November 15, 2011   |   Tags: , ,

I’m cautiously looking out for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. My view of America’s future has temporarily changed to a positive 1. Am I still alive?

I was scanning the latest Bloomberg poll and started to see the usual results for Iowa. Cain had 20 points, Romney had 18 and Gingrich had 17. Next, I was looking for Perry to have somewhere in the low-to-mid teens and Paul to be in the single digits. Then, it happened…Paul has 19 points, down just 1 from Cain for the lead.

I never thought he would get even remotely close to winning Iowa and, as we are still well over a month away, things could very much change again. However, with Iowa being the first state to hold it’s election, this is a big deal for the Paul Campaign.

Let’s face it – a Ron Paul win would be an establishment nightmare. There is a media bias against him because of it. Is this just a glimmer of hope or is Ron Paul ready to kick this into overdrive?

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