I Actually Agree With Nancy Pelosi On Something!

November 16, 2011   |  

It’s so shocking, I had to put an exclamation point at the end.  But it’s true.  CSPAN and a few other congress-critters are pushing for the presence of camera and microphones in the courtroom during the Health Care Law hearings.  Naturally, I expected someone like Pelosi to be against such a reasonable request.  I expected to hear some noise about how cameras would be a distraction, or create a spectacle.  But in this one rare instance, it seems she has the right idea.  From Fox News:

“When the Affordable Care Act is placed before the highest court in our country, all Americans will have a stake in the debate; therefore, all Americans should have access to it. Openness and transparency are essential to the success of our democracy, and in this historic debate, we must ensure the ability of our citizens to take part…”

Cameras or no cameras, I still have my concerns.  Our court systems are so politicized that I wouldn’t be surprised if the law remains.  I’m truely on the fence with this one.  At this point all we can do is hope that the current justices will put their personal opinions aside and do the job they were appointed to do.

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