FBTV: Ron Paul: Extremist?

November 17, 2011   |  
Ron Paul

One of the good, and bad, things about Ron Paul is that he is a man of principle, and unfortunately this is the main reason why he will never be able to win. You see, IMHO, he will stick to his principles even if it costs him the election.

For example, I’d venture to say that most of America agrees totally with him on the economic front: they just have issues with his stance on foreign policy, whether Iran should have nukes, and his stance on the war of drugs, among others.

Unfortunately, much of mainstream America still feels that we need an interventionist foreign policy in order to be safe, the drug thing, etc.

Sure its great that he doesn’t compromise, but what if he did? What if he took a softer stance on those issues, and stance which led people to think that he could compromise, just enough to convince people to vote for him, and thus win the election? Once in office, he could begin the restoration of America. Sticking to his current principled position may be great, but it may not get him elected.

What do you think? Should Ron Paul soften his “extremist” (to many) positions on interventionist foreign policy, drugs, nukes etc, in order to at least have a chance of getting elected, at least giving us a chance for more liberty? Or should he stick to his principles, lose the nomination again, and watch Obama Lite take office, and keep us going down this destructive path, albeit more slowly?

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