Teachers Bullying Students

November 17, 2011   |  

It seems that Lady Gaga, and other celebrities who have jumped on the anti-bullying-legislation bandwagon, ought to take up a new cause against bullying teachers.  A couple of months ago I linked to an article about Jeremy Hollinger in “Why Horrible Teachers Rarely Get Fired“.  It seems that these kinds of issues are not going away.

A new article at Shine from Yahoo (whatever that is) highlights a New Jersey student who was being bullied by a teacher until he finally caught the teacher on video with his phone.  According to the story, this had been an ongoing problem that the student had already complained about, but it wasn’t until to the student collected his own evidence that the school actually looked in to the claims.  That’s not even the worst part of it.  Not only did the school fail to respond to the student’s concerns, they waited until after the video made it to the local news to do anything about it.

So what did they do to the teacher who threatened to “kick [the student’s] ass from here to kingdom come”?  Paid administrative leave.  That’s right, with video evidence of a teacher threatening violence against a special needs child, the school put the teacher on paid leave.

Now that’s what I call job security.

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