FBTV: Occupiers Plan to protest until eligible for Social Security

November 18, 2011   |  

Gotta say I love Newsbusted… 😉

  • According to the OWS website, the demonstrators have scheduled events in New York until October 2025
  • Polls now have Newt Gingrich near the top of the field for the GOP nomination
  • A man in New York won a bet with his wife by losing nearly 200 pounds
  • A new poll finds that in America, conservatives outnumber liberals 2-to-1
  • Scientists in Japan have invented a motorcycle that is powered by a toilet
  • Radio host Stephanie Miller called the recent vandalism of a Ronald Reagan statue one of America’s funniest liberal pranks
  • Illegal aliens in Florida are suing over not being offered in-state tuition rates
  • An elderly woman in Missouri was left in a chair for so long that her skin fused with the vinyl recliner she was sitting in

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