Ron Paul Supports Repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments

November 18, 2011   |  

This isn’t anything new as Ron Paul has been saying this for years. Ratified about the same time, one amendment gives Congress the power to do whatever they wish and the other gives Congress all the money they want. Paul knows that the 17th is our own self-inflicted wound designed to destroy our constitution. He knows that if we really want to fix our federal government and save our freedom, repealing the 16th and 17th amendments are the only true solutions.

Ron Paul isn’t alone. There are a few other politicians who share his view including Rick Perry. However, the subject of repealing these amendment has become a toxic subject for politicians to bring up, let alone discuss. They (the politicians) say that there are too many citizens who actually believe that it is their God-given right to vote for their senators. Until the public becomes educated, the idea of repealing the 17th has to be shelved.

There is a book that does just that. THE BALTIMORE PRINCIPLES by Carl Douglas. The author realizes that a lot of Americans could care less what the founding fathers or constitutional professors think. To them, these are nothing but old, boring opinions from a bunch of dead guys. So, Douglas made the case without quoting any of them. He used our history instead.

The title was coined after Lord Baltimore of Maryland, who in 1650 introduced a new system of government for his colony. Surprisingly, his new government was structured pretty much like our Constitution. Aspects of his new form of government quickly spread to the other colonies. Our founding fathers drafted our Constitution using these very principles which had proven themselves to work for the 125 years leading up to the war. Contrary to what we’ve been taught, the only thing new in our Constitution (never tried before) was the Electoral College.

To quote one reader’s comment, “This long overdue book should be taught in EVERY classroom in the USA, and be given to every member of CONGRESS. This book is about what made AMERICA GREAT to begin with. We, as a NATION, should adhere, once again, to the Baltimore Principles.”

I agree. But until then, people like me and Ron Paul will be thought of as silly old men.

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