Ron Paul’s Narrow Window is Open

November 18, 2011   |   Tags: ,
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I didn’t think Ron Paul had much of a chance in the Republican Primaries. The real issues simply aren’t favored in the lamestream media, which too many Americans rely on for their “News.” They’d rather cover the latest sound-bytes and parade the establishment choice into the White House instead of a logical man who doesn’t swing for the fences with a meaningless, easy-to-remember slogan.

Paul’s calls for restraint on the military don’t resonate well with a generally hawkish party. By the way, he is the only candidate that I know of that actually served in a war. The rest are chicken-hawks.

Now, Paul sits in second place in both New Hampshire and Iowa. His chances are still slim, given that the establishment will do everything they can to slow the awakening of the people to the gruesome reality they face. That is a rotten shame, as he is the only candidate that will even remotely change our current mess.

Paul must find a way to capitalize on his current surge or we can kiss our country goodbye.

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