Another 4 Years of Obama?

November 21, 2011   |   Tags: ,
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Obama continues to hold a lead over each Republican candidate in the national polls. This is despite him being a relatively unpopular President.

Obama has a charisma that a lot of voters fell for in 2008 and will fall for in 2012. The informed voter will see past this, but how many people do you know who dig deep to find the best candidate?

Romney could make it a close call, but how different is he from Obama? I’m not sold that Gingrich would be able to hang with Obama and neither would Cain. Rightly or wrongly, Cain has “Uncle Tom” written all over him and is not a good candidate in general. Perry would probably be blown away by Obama in debates and I could see Paul losing by a large margin or, just the opposite, manhandling Obama if his ideas catch on.

Do you think that we’ll see another 4 years of Obama or will a Republican steal the White House?

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