Are You Satisfied With the Official Story on Kennedy’s Assassination?

November 22, 2011   |   Tags: , , , ,

Today is the 48th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

The official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, firing shots with accuracy that few in the world possess. Of course, Jack Ruby was then so disheartened that his beloved President was killed that he took out Oswald before he could get his story out there.

When looking deeper into the case, you’ll notice that Kennedy had a desire to diminish the CIA’s role in American affairs and was not well liked by the military establishment. He was not in favor of a war in Vietnam – a war that was started quickly after his death on false pretenses. Also, he rejected Operation Northwoods – a plan that was signed off by all Joint Chiefs of Staff to fake terrorist attacks in America.

Despite the massive holes in the official story, that’s what the mainstream media and Government have stuck to. Are you satisfied?

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