Gary Johnson Considers Running as a Libertarian

November 28, 2011   |   Tags: ,

It looks like the Lamestream Media and the Republican Party may be aiming their guns at their own feet.

With the increasingly obvious media bias and bias from his own party going against him, Gary Johnson has stated that he is seriously considering a Libertarian run for President. This would add yet another potential threat to the 2-party system in November of 2012.  In fact, according to Rasmussen Reports, 32 percent of Americans have said that they’d consider a third-party candidate if Romney wins, with 16 percent saying they’d be very likely to do so.

I would welcome such a move. I will not vote for the Republican in 2012 if it is not Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

Sadly, if Johnson runs as a Libertarian, he will probably continue to be ignored outside of New Mexico. He’ll probably still get my vote if Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination or declines to run outside of the Republican Party.

Do you think that Johnson should ditch the Republican Party and run as a Libertarian?

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