Rhode Island’s “Holiday Tree”

November 29, 2011   |  

Around this time last year, I was at work and had just finished taking care of a customer when I handed him his bag and said, “Have a merry Christmas!”. He quickly responded with, “Oh, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but you enjoy yours”. At the time I didn’t think too much of it, but as the war on Christmas begins this year, I take comfort in knowing that not all non-Christians (like myself) take offense to the word “Christmas”. It seems that if everyone was a little more like that customer, things would go a lot smoother in society.

Unfortunately, many people are not so easy going, and Rhode Island is a perfect example of this fact. Apparently, Rhode Island’s Governor, Lincoln Chafee, has decided that the state would not have a Christmas tree this year. They’re still going to have a tree, but he’s decided to call it a “holiday tree” in an effort to be more tolerant. I’m not sure what makes it more tolerant, but it sure is insulting.

It’s as if Gov. Chafee believes non-Christians are too stupid to know a Christmas tree when they see one. I wonder if Christians would be just as satisfied with a Menorah dressed up as a “holiday candle”?

It would be one thing if Gov. Chafee wanted to do something that included all of the holidays celebrated this season, but to simply rename something that’s obviously an item just for Christmas insults us all.

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