Could The Media’s Ignorance Pay Off For Ron Paul?

November 30, 2011   |  

I know there are still many doubters when it comes to Ron Paul’s ability to get elected (which is probably the worst reason to not vote for someone), but I have to say that there are many things working toward’s his advantage this time around. When the media ignores Ron Paul, it’s true he’s not getting any good press, but he’s also not getting any bad press.

Over the last few months we’ve seen nothing but mud-raking from the mainstream media (nothing conservatives aren’t already used to). They’ve targeted every candidate to make it to the top of the polls, and every of those front runners dropped like flies. And though they are still talking about Mitt and Newt like they’re still viable, they could find nothing negative to run about Ron Paul, even after his taking the lead in Iowa.

So how could this help Paul? Well first of all, Ron Paul supporters don’t let the media vote for them, and will vote for him regardless of the lack of attention he’s received. But those people who didn’t even know his name before, are going to learn it sooner or later, as the GOP field continues to shrink. All Ron Paul needs is a win in Iowa, and people will have to start paying attention.

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