Congress Passes Bill that Allows Indefinite Detention of Americans

December 2, 2011   |   Tags: , ,

America is crumbling before our eyes. Congress has passed a bill that allows the US Military to indefinitely detain American citizens.

This is part of what has become an increasingly clear path toward purposely tearing apart our Constitutional rights. Is this another step in a push toward a New World Order – an order that was notably mentioned by the first President Bush in 1991? Are powerful people behind the scenes (there are plenty) afraid that Americans are waking up? After all, a free, Constitutionally-protected America is not compatible with global governance.

Obama should veto this legislation, but he almost certainly won’t. He appears to be working for the same power-players that Bush worked for.

I wonder what advice the Jews during the WW2 era would give us right about now?

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