California bans a ban

December 3, 2011   |  

They are strange creatures out in California. The meddling nannies of San Francisco won't let you buy a Happy Meal, and then tried to tell you what religious and/or health practices you could perform.

In a clearly anti-Jewish move, San Francisco sought to ban male circumcision. Which, aside from pissing off Jews (its main aim), also pissed off a lot of Catholic and WASP parents who know that ci

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rcumcision keeps dirty little boys that much cleaner. Not to mention that any male who chooses to have the operation late in life is in for a world of agony.

Thankfully, Gov. Gerry Brown signed a law saying that local governments – such as the insane asylum known as San Francisco – cannot ban the practice of circumcising baby boys.

On behalf of Jews, young boys who play in the dirt, and those women who – like me – are master fellaciists – thank you, Governor Brown.


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