House calls for subpoena, White House whines

December 3, 2011   |  

So the House committee investigating the Solyndra scandal has voted to subpoena the White House for all its documents related to the boondoggle. The White House response?

“We'd like to see as much passion in House Republicans for creating jobs as we see in this investigation”

If anyone needs me for anything, I'll be in the other room playing the world's smallest violin for Obama and his band of merry thieves.

I know that Democrats know better, and are just being deliberately obtuse because it suits them. The House – like the Senate, the White House, and the local town council – do not create jobs. Nor did Solyndra, which merely stole from future Social Security and Medicare recipients by leading the government ever-further down the rabbit hole of debt.

It get's better:

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., accused Republicans of hypocrisy because another GOP-led committee voted against his motion to subpoena the executives of oil companies involved in the BP oil spill who refused to appear at a hearing.

“While insisting on full disclosure and complete transparency from the White House on Solyn

dra, Republicans have put the CEOs from the companies  responsible for the worst offshore oil spill in our history into a witness protection program where they are apparently going to be immune from any congressional or public scrutiny,” he said.

“This is not about using our subpoena power, this is about fossil fuel and nuclear interests wanting fewer Americans using solar power,” he added.

You can't make this up. BP and its spill did NOT steal $528,000,000 from the American people. And while I agree that the disaster was a complete mess that did untold damage to coastlines, believe it or not, jobs were actually created! Somebody had to clean up that sludge, and it fell to otherwise unemployed, barely literate boobs from Louisiana would might not otherwise have had any work. Huzzah! The got to trawl around in little boats with giant napkins all day, and get paid a tidy sum for the work.
BP is a publicly traded company. Do they get tax breaks from the US government? Almost certainly. Did Obama hand them a check for $528,000,000 with a wink and a nudge? No goddam way. BP answers to their shareholders. Obama answers to Americans. So no matter what the whining Democrats have to say about it, Obama owes the country an explanation. Or a really big check.

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