What Happened To Doctor-Patient Confidentiality?

December 5, 2011   |  

It seems that Arizona Republican, Trent Franks, is making an attempt to thwart the confidentiality between a doctor and their patients, by introducing a bill that would ban abortions based on race or gender. In other words, you can not get an abortion simply because you don’t want a boy or girl, black baby or white baby, etc. Aside from being 100% unenforceable, the idea actually promotes abortion. In a way, Franks is saying, “Abortion is ok, as long as you do it for the right reasons”. He’s no longer speaking pro-life, and really is pushing anti-choice.

Fortunately, there’s no good way to enforce this, since it’s nobody’s business as to why a woman would choose abortion. However, According to Franks, even if it doesn’t become a law, he hopes the attempt will help spark conversations. In other words, he’s using the threat of legislation to “get people talking”. Last time I checked, that’s what public service announcements were for.

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