Is there nothing liberals won't ban?

December 8, 2011   |  

San Francisco took the happiness from your child's Happy Meal. Britain banned fox hunting (to predictable results). Toronto has banned shark fin soup. And now West Hollywood is banning fur.

The City Council on Monday gave first approval to a modified version of a sales ban on clothing made from the skin or pelt of animals with hair, wool or fur.

The modified version permits the sale of used clothing privately, by retailers including pawn shops and by nonprofits such as thrift shops.

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image

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-6682″ style=”margin: 10px;” src=”” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”152″ />West Hollywood. Well, I won't be wearing my pony skin shoes or my rabbit fur jacket there, since I'm not a gay man looking for a $20 blowjob from a buff rent boy/struggling actor. But I digress.

I know that over the years, acrylic faux-fur and pleather – or plastic leather – has become very en vogue among socially conscious fashionistas. However, those self-same fashionistas are usually at the front lines of anti-oil demonstrations, including the irritating protests we saw at the kick-off to the Iraq war in 2003. “No blood for oil,” they shrieked, while wearing their pleather jackets and latex masks of George Bush and Tony Blair. Because apparently, the left also banned irony some time ago.

No blood for pleather!

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