Joe the Plumber running for congress?

December 11, 2011   |  

Unlike plumbing, one does not require a license in order to become a congressional representative. One merely needs a bit of popularity, a few financial backers, and some very thick skin.

In the case of Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber who got famous in 2008 by asking candidate Obama if his hard earned money should be “redistributed,” we know he has at least the popularity and the thick skin.

According to the hastily put together website Joe for Congress, he's throwing his hat in for Ohio's 9th.

America has become a funny place

politically, first with the rise and fall and rise and reality TV show and fall and rise and dear God – stop me – Sarah Palin, the quirky hockey mom, and then later with the advent of the people-first Tea Parties. Every average Mr. Smith thinks he can now head to Washington. There's a “take back Washington” air in America, coming from both the right and the left. An ennui with the status quo.

What all these Mr. Smiths don't realize – or don't want to admit – is that in the end, it's still going to be the guy with the good hair. Which leaves Mr. Wurzelbacher at a distinct disadvantage.


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