Perfect Example Of Obama’s Ideology Over Economy

December 12, 2011   |  
Ideology Over Economy

He would rather add more wards of the state than sign anything that will create private sector jobs. He is so blinded by his ideology that he cannot do anything that will make life better for Americans. Will people wake up to this fact before the next election? Even now, polls in Florida and some other states indicate that Obama would still win against any Republican in the race. I guess they like 11% unemployment down there? I don’t get it – is America now so politically blind and deaf that we would really re-elect this guy?

The president says that extending unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut will create more jobs than an oil pipeline from Canada. There are at least 20,000 members of the 99% who would disagree.

via President Obama Would Rather Extend Jobless Benefits Than Create Real Jobs –

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