Would having a Third Party really work?

December 14, 2011   |  

“According to a USA Today/Gallup survey released on December 13, around 54 percent of Americans nationwide would like to see the rise of an alternative to the two major parties. The number was 52 percent in the top 12 ‘battleground’ states, according to a report about the poll.”

This article certainly gives us something to think about. But the truth is creating a third party is much easier said than done. Currently there are thousands of Tea Party type (conservative) independent groups throughout America. There have been a number of attempts to consolidate these into one party, but they have failed because none of them is willing to surrender themselves to strangers. I concur! These “Teas” know that in doing so, this new party would become just as corrupt as the other two. It’s like creating a new tax to get rid of an old one only to end up with more taxes.

What we should do is take over the two parties that are already here. Imagine if each local conservative group decided to do that? Each group could assign themselves as to which party to join for the purpose of dominating both parties. They could get control of the local precincts for both parties. Once the Teas control the majority of local precincts, they own the district. Once they gain control the majority of disticts, they own the state. And once they gain the majority of states, they would control both of the national parties.

Just make sure everyone involved has declared their principles so everyone knows what they’re getting.

Remember the Quisp and Quake cereals? This was a brilliant marketing campaign during the 60s-70s to sell the same product by creating two competing brands, each packaged slightly different. If the Tea Parties took over the Big Two, it would be the same game.

These parties are for the taking. All it takes is for enough conservative people to get involved. If the Teas were serious, even I would join one of these two parties. And I wouldn’t care which one.

Direct link to the article at: The New American

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