A Federal Ban On Cell Phones Behind The Wheel

December 16, 2011   |  


It seems like the states aren’t working fast enough for some nannies in this country. While multiple states have passed laws banning texting while driving, and a couple banned the use of cell phones all together, some groups and law makers on capital hill are pushing for more drastic measures.

There has been a lot of talk lately about a possible federal ban of using a cell phone while driving, including hands free devices.  So what do police think of this idea?

“It would be almost impossible to determine if someone was talking on a phone or exercising their vocal cords,” said Capt. Donald Melanson of the West Hartford, Conn., police department, which took part in a national pilot program aimed at cracking down on drivers’ cellphone use. “That would be much more difficult to enforce, almost to the point where it would be impossible.”

These types of bans are always impossible to enforce, unless of course, you give the police free reign to pull over any one talking in their car or wearing a hands free headset.  Something tells me that’s exactly what some legislatures want.

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