Obama gets back on his Canadian bus

December 17, 2011   |  

With still more than a year to go till the 2012 election, President Campaigner is back on his “buy Canadian first” tour bus, heading down to North Carolina and Virginia to talk about that infernal jobs bill again. You know, all those jobs that could have been put in place had he bought a bus from Michigan instead of Canada? Yeah, those jobs.

The Republicans, for their part, are willing to talk about this bill if Obama cuts it down and allows them to vote on individual sections. Which frankly is how all legislation should be passed. Line-item voting cuts down on pork, which we all know is neither kosher nor halal.

Republicans have said they would agree to chop up the president's proposals, but will only vote on s

ome of his ideas, and have provided their own alternative. They say many of the president's plans do nothing to prolong economic growth.

“We saw what happened with the stimulus money. Much of that went to the states. And you know what happened? It sustained some jobs for about a year and then the states were faced about with billions of dollars in debt once that year was over it,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., told “Fox News Sunday.”

In Asheville, Obama warned that Republicans want to let Wall Street run amok, repeal health care legislation and allow oil drilling at home. He said all those plans would hurt middle America.

Whatnow? Who let Wall Street run amok? No one has clean hands on that one, pal. Of course, no Democrat will point that hypocrisy out, nor will the media, who are still deeply in the tank for Teh Won.

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