Ron Paul Takes a 3 Point Lead in Iowa

December 19, 2011   |   Tags: , ,

With 15 days until the Iowa Caucuses, Ron Paul has taken a 3 point lead over Mitt Romney in the latest PPP poll. He has opened up a commanding 9 point lead over previous frontrunner Newt Gingrich.

It appears that Paul’s attack ads against Gingrich in Iowa have taken their toll. Also, this may signify the beginning of a Gingrich collapse.  Just a week ago, Gingrich had a 10 point lead over Romney and 19 over Paul in the state.

If the Gingrich campaign collapses – still a big if – that would effectively pit Mitt Romney and Ron Paul against each other as the heavyweights going into the Republican Primaries. With Romney cruising toward a win in New Hampshire, it would be important for Paul to take Iowa.

If Paul ends up taking Iowa, look for an explosion of donations and support for his campaign. Can he actually do it?

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