Obama Continues War on Whistleblowers

December 21, 2011   |   Tags: , , ,

Well, not Obama. He’s ordering other people to do it from the comfort of the Oval Office – just like he’s ordered all those US troops to attack third-world countries – troops who are around the age that Obama was when he smoked dope. In other words, he is a coward. Yeah, I said it.

Now, his Administration is targeting climate skeptics after the so-called “Climategate” emails surfaced. Homes have been raided and it has become an international search. Hitler would be proud.

It has become clear that this is the most authoritarian, fascist President that we’ve ever had in America. Those who wish to speak out against his ways must be stifled, it seems. Not to worry – they’ll have to take my keyboard out of my cold, dead hands to get me to stop!

For more on this story, check this out.

PS – How about the cocky look on his face in that photo?

Photo credit: open.nasa.gov/william/open-source-presentation/images/obama.png

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