I Discriminated Today

December 27, 2011   |  

Working in retail, there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t do a return or exchange for a customer.  While I personally don’t have a problem with doing them, there is always that awkward moment where I ask for the customer’s I.D.  My store has a policy that requires valid I.D. when making an exchange or return.  To most people this is no problem, to some it’s an invasion of privacy, but apparently to the politically correct, it’s discrimination.

A couple weeks ago I responded to a video posted by Chris Future here at the Freedom Bunker.  In that video he asked for someone to give one reasoned, logical argument against requiring a photo I.D. to vote.  I believe I gave the only logical argument against this, but you can decide for yourself here.

Putting all logic aside, the Obama administration decided to block South Carolina’s voter I.D. requirement under the pretense that it was discriminatory.  This is the kind of bad argument we hear daily out of politicians.  Rather than look to the constitution to question a law’s validity, they jump to using buzz words like “discrimination”.  As far as the Justice Department is concerned, asking for someone to prove their identity is a form of discrimination against minorities and the poor.

Using that kind of logic every business in the country is guilty of discrimination when it comes to filling out required paperwork for new hires.  Not only that, but banks and credit card companies shouldn’t try to fight identity theft because they might be discriminating.  Maybe soon these politicians will make it illegal for police to ask for license and registration at routine traffic stops for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

I think there are reasonable arguments on both side of this issue, but I don’t think you’ll hear any of them watching the main stream media or listening to the empty rhetoric of politicians.

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