Those Muslims sure do love women!

December 27, 2011   |  

For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A French TV correspondent said Friday she thought she was going to die as a crowd of 70 men violently assaulted her near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where Egyptians have staged days of demonstrations against the interim government.

Caroline Sinz, a reporter for France 3, was allegedly assaulted Thursday, her network said. The network reported her male photographer, Salah Agrabi, had been struck while in the crowd and the two became separated.

“I found myself with 70 people around me, men young and older who were pulling my hair, who tore my clothes apart, who sexually assaulted me,” she said in an interview on France 3. “And it was terrible, because it was in broad daylight, in the morning, in front of everybody, and some people were applauding as we were beaten up.

“There were some people who wanted to rescue us, but it was like an uncontrollable crowd movement and we were submerged. And I really thought I was going to die.”

We saw this barbarity months ago with Lara Logan, and it doesn’t shock me to be seeing it again.

Female journalists and other assorted female looky-loos need to stay the hell out of Arab countries. We really need to stop debating the whole “slut walk” mentality that says women can do anything anywhere, dressed in any way they so choose. They can’t. Maybe in the civilized world they can wear belly shirts and hot pants, but even then I wouldn’t recommend it in a riot environment when testosterone is high. It is never a good idea in Arab areas, where respect for women is low and testosterone is always high.

At what point exactly did feminism trade common sense for its other tenets?

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