Democrats Say Voter Fraud “Normal” & “Widespread”

December 29, 2011   |  

Funny how this story disappeared so quickly from the headlines – when these two reported that voter fraud is basically par-for-the-course and pretty widespread, no one saw fit to really report it. Doesn’t that bother anyone? Amazing how neither the right nor left wing media really turned this into a big deal – I wonder why that is? Could it be that voter fraud really is so widespread that our votes don’t really matter – that the fix is in – the vote is set for Obama’s re-election, and there is noting we can do about it? Maybe all this bitching about voter fraud is a screen for massive voter fraud.

Last week, we told you about an election fraud investigation with allegations of faked signatures to get then-candidate Barack Obama on the Indiana primary ballot in 2008. Today, four Democratic operatives, including a city councilman, have pleaded guilty to felony charges in a voter fraud scandal to try to steal the primary election — this time in Troy, New York.

via Dems Plead Guilty to Felony Charges in Voter Fraud Scandal in Troy, New York | Fox News Insider.

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