Man Killed by Train Faces Lawsuit Over Flying Body Parts

January 2, 2012   |  

Boy, it really can be a cruel world.

An 18 year old man was hit by a train in 2008 while attempting to cross the tracks to catch another train. As you may imagine, he was killed.

As a result of the strike, a portion of the man’s body flew off and struck an elderly woman, breaking her wrist, leg and injuring her shoulder.

Now, a court has decided that she may sue his estate for his “Negligent” behavior. Her attorney stated, “If you do something as stupid as this guy did, you have to be responsible for what comes from it.” I guess getting blown apart by a train wasn’t enough?

The man was foolish to try to outmaneuver a train and paid for that decision with his life. However, suing his estate will add insult to injury and take wealth from his loved ones…not him.

File this under the “Legally questionable, morally terrible” category.

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