I’m a Jillette-Libertarian

January 3, 2012   |  

From the looks of Iowa right now, this is going to be a long primary season.  The race is tight, and the obvious social conservative candidates are taking the lead.  But right behind Santorum and Romney, with much more liberty minded policies, is Ron Paul.  Iowa is hardly a reflection of the entire country, but it is quite clear that more Americans are starting to believe in the principles of freedom.

Ron Paul’s libertarianism is undeniable, but being that he is a member of the GOP, he will always be written off by some libertarians as a “conservative-libertarian”.  All over the internet you’ll read about hyphenated libertarians: Right, left, center, liberal, socialist, anarcho, etc.  I’ve always maintained that I am not a hyphenated libertarian, I am a capital “L” Libertarian.  But if I had to pick something to help explain my political philosophies, I would call my self a Penn Jillette-Libertarian.

So what does that mean?  Watch the following video to better understand.

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