Bye Bye Bachmann

January 4, 2012   |  

After listening to Michelle Bachmann get on talk show after talk show, claiming with pure confidence that she was going to go all the way regardless of what happens in Iowa, it’s nice to see her finally calling it quits.  I’m actually surprised she was ever even a “frontrunner” to begin with.  Her social conservativism was way over the top, and her economic policy was never clearly explained to voters.

I’ve had it out for Bachmann ever since she made up that story about a mother who claimed her child was left mentally retarded after being given a vaccine.  Rarely was she able to make a simple statement without throwing in some error or inconsistency, and when it came to debating, she often missed the point.

It obvious that I’m not alone in my distaste for Michelle Bachmann’s policies, because she ended up finishing dead last amongst the 6 major players, and only captured about 5% or the vote.

And so we are left with 5 possible GOP candidates at this point.  I personally believe that there is still room for any one of them to move up and take the nomination.  I know most of the major media is dead set on Mitt Romney, but I think both Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have proven that the mainstream media is often less than credible.  Does anyone else predict a surprise in New Hampshire.

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