Washington Is Losing Jobs

January 5, 2012   |  

According to the Huffington Post, the government lost more jobs last year than any other industry.  Here’s a bit from that article:

For anyone paying attention to Washington or Wall Street in recent months, these numbers likely won’t come as a surprise. As tax revenues dwindle and deficits continue to swell, state and local governments are in full cost-cutting mode, letting workers go at every opportunity in an attempt to bring public debts under control. Slashed government budgets have also resulted in a wave of layoffs in associated industries, like aerospace and energy.”

It seems like Washington is starting to realize -even if only a little – that they can not continue to spend the way they do with the amount of debt they have racked up.  And while this is a good thing for the country overall, it’s not so good for all those people who are without a job now.  Unfortunately, until Obama and congress both realize over-regulation and over-taxation are the reasons that the private sector is not recovering, all those recently unemployed people are out of luck.

There is a lot of talking about the need for “cuts” coming from republicans, but there seems to be a lack of emphasis on policies that help grow the private sector.  America needs a leader that will emphasize both of these issues.

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