Should the Lamestream Media Show the Gruesome Reality of War?

January 6, 2012   |   Tags: , ,

Have you ever noticed that the US is just about always at war with at least 1 other country?

Watch any lamestream news network and you won’t see what really happens in a war. I’ve never been in 1, but I know enough to realize that it’s a video game or a movie – it’s real people being killed and suffering in awful, inhuman ways.

Let’s face it, average Americans – particularly the older folks – tend to rely on the lamestream media for their “Information.” They tune into CNN, Fox and other establishment mouthpieces for the latest news on our never-ending wars.

I’ve often wondered – if the real images of war were shown, how many people would continue to support our wars of aggression? Would seeing a US soldier with his head blown off or an Afghan child who has been charred by a rocket sway the public?

Decide for yourself. Here are some pictures of what war really looks like. The photos are very graphic, so please prepare yourself.

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