SOPA: Major Internet Companies Consider Coordinated Blackout

January 10, 2012   |   Tags:

Reason is reporting that Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter are considering a coordinated blackout of their services in protest of the SOPA legislation, which would curtail Internet freedoms. It is not clear how long the blackout would last.

Such a move would affect countless Internet users. Just think about it – even though there are plenty of search engines out there, what do people commonly say? “Google it.”

Also, think of all the people who use Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. Chances are that you and most of your friends and family members use Google and at least 1 of the other mentioned sites.

Provided that the companies explain why they are blacking out their services to their users, such a move could be very effective. It will awaken some people to the threat that is posed by SOPA and cause some to contact Congress about it.

Whatever happens, you do have some recourse of your own. If your elected officials vote in favor of SOPA, vote against them.

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