Wayne Arnett for US President!

January 12, 2012   |  

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it. My older brother is actually on the Arizona State Republican primary ballot as a candidate for US President. I wasn’t half as shocked seeing him on the ballot as I was seeing that he was registered as a Republican. His goal is to get ten votes. But why is he even running?

Not everyone who runs for a political office runs with the intent of winning or even wants the job. There are those (and a lot more than one can imagine) who have a different motive and objective. Wayne is running so that his voice will be heard by a larger audience than before.

Wayne’s campaign is about political principles. The exact same message I blog about every Sunday right here on Freedom Bunker. You know, the Spinach Party concept! He understands the value of everyone having their principles written down. He understands that if we make every candidate declare their political principles, with their list available online for all to see, we will get ourselves better leaders who will make good moral decisions.

Like any idea, this idea begins with a few people and spreads out from there. If Wayne’s campaign gets only a few Americans to write down their principles, then that’s more people than before. Eventually, this idea will become popular but it will take time. Wayne’s goal is simply to take this ball a little further down the field.

If you live in Arizona and happen to be a Republican, please give Wayne Arnett your vote in the primary to help send the message of the Spinach Party (not a real party).

Know who you are and to thine ownself be true! Learn more at the: Spinach Party

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