People Just Want Gingrich To Bitch Slap Obama

January 23, 2012   |  

You know, seeing Newt Gingrich, of all people, take the lead in South Carolina made me want to agree with Ann Coulter, that people are less interested – or maybe not even interested at all – in taking this country back to the ideals of the founders. Maybe all that they are interested in right now is a good old-fashioned bitch slap of our current lord and savior – and who better to deliver it than our sides bitch-slapper-in-chief. You’ve got to admit that of all the remaining candidates, Newt is the most badass, so badass in fact that Chuck Norris endorsed him the other day. so maybe the joke is on us – the American people have pretty much given up on the whole political thing and are just ready for a good fight – even a verbal one. One could opine that this is just an extension of the degeneration of our society into something that revels in this kind of stuff – witness the soaring ratings of shows like Survivor and Big Brother – but you know, there has to be something viscerally satisfying about seeing someone wipe that shit-faced grin off Obama’s face, you know…

One more thing: if I hear Newt say “Lincoln-Douglas style debate” one more time, I think I’ll just freaking scream. It’s pipe dream, dude – he knows you’d crush him, which is exactly why he WON’T do it.

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